Volcanic Crossfire Trampoline Dodgeball

Whats better than trampolines?  Dodgeball Trampolines!  Volcanic Crossfire is an adrenaline pumping experience where players bounce on trampolines while throwing foam balls at an opponent! Each player must dodge, duck and dive to survive the game! The final team standing is the winner.

Each trampoline session lasts 15 minutes.  Up to 20 players can play on the dodge court at a time.  Each player is required to watch a short briefing video.  Unlike our other attractions waivers are required.  Each player under 18 must have a waiver filled out by a parent/guardian.  Players over 18 may fill out their waivers online or on site.  Completion of waivers prior to arrival is recommended.  Players must use Lasertag Adventure grippy socks - just $2.  

*Socks worn for trampolines must be Lasertag Adventure socks so we can quickly recognize the appropriate socks are being worn for your safety.  In addition it allows us to verify quickly and get you into the action!

We'd like all our guests to be able to enjoy all of our attractions.  As part of our Volcanic Crossfire Dodgeball attraction all players under 18 are required to have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.  While you can fill out a waiver at our facility, we highly encourage you to fill one out online in advance.  You can fill out a waiver here.