Your Former Destination for Epic Fun

It is believed that King Solomon built a stronghold for super natural artifacts of the ancient world such as, the Ark of the Covenant, the Rod of Moses, and Pandora’s Box. We invite you on a journey through jungle ruins with new discoveries at each turn. Immerse yourself in the labyrinth of ancient ruins as you battle and blast with adversaries to score points and unlock the secrets of King Solomon’s Ruins.



Zap your way through King Solomon’s Ruins in our 7,500 square foot Lasertag Arena!

Trampoline Dodgeball

This aint your grandma’s dodgeball! Grab your friends and jump into an epic game today!

Lazer Frenzy

Ever wanted to be a world class spy navigating your way through a laser field? Now’s your chance with Lazer Frenzy!

Lava Lanes

Bowling has never been hotter! Try out our Lava Lanes Bowling for a striking good time!

Magma Mania Arcade

 With over 35 different arcade games, our Magma Mania Arcade is a FUNtastic way to pass the time between lasertag and dodgeball games!

Zappi’s Pizza and Refreshments

Need to refresh and refuel? Zappi’s will be a direct hit! With a large menu, made fresh, Zappi’s will get you right back into the action!

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