Our 7,500 square foot, dual level, arena is an exact replica of King Solomon’s personal Lasertag Arena from 1000 B.C. All new state of the art vests and phasers with over 30 game modes, there is no end to the amount of fun you can have! But beware of the extraterrestrial life forms that have made their way into the arena! Don’t forget to ask about joining the ranks of our LaserForce for special in-game perks, records, and special deals! 

Trampoline Dodgeball

Volcanic Crossfire Dodgeball is like nothing you’ve ever experienced on the playground or in gym class! Our dodgeball court features multiple large trampolines ready to launch you into battle! Whether your strategy is to give ‘em the heater or become more elusive than Bigfoot, Volcanic Crossfire Dodgeball is the place for you!

Magma Mania Arcade

From Batman to Fruit-Ninja, Claw Machines to Connect 4, our 35+ game arcade is ready for you! Can you set the high score in Terminator: Salvation? Not quite 16? Practice your driving skills on Cruisin’ USA! Or bust out a face-melting guitar solo on Guitar Hero! When it’s all said and done count up your tickets and take home the prize of your choosing from the Magma Mania Prize counter!

Lava Lanes Mini Bowling

Have a striking good time at our Lava Lanes Bowling alley! No need for stinky bowling shoes and balls that just don’t seem to fit your hand right. Step right up and knock ‘em all down! Easy as that! Bowling has never been hotter!

Lazer Frenzy

The year is 2034, on one end of the hallway is a priceless artifact, the crown jewels, or a treasure chest full of buried treasure. On the other end stands you, a world-class spy. And the only thing separating you from treasures untold is a field of lasers ready to set off alarms and alert the authorities. Good thing back in 2020 you practiced your skills while playing Laser Frenzy at Lasertag Adventure, preparing you for this very moment.

Zappi’s Pizza

Zap your taste buds with some Awesome Zappi’s Pizza.  It’s fresh – we make everything from scratch in house for your ultimate satisfaction. 

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