• Players Included
  • Lasertag Games
  • Trampoline Dodgeball
  • Arcade Tokens
  • Lazer Frenzy
  • Bowling
  • Pizzas
  • Beverages
  • Party Length
  • Party Room
  • Additional Players
  • Grippy Socks
  • Additional Details & Options

VIP Private Birthday

  • 20 players
  • all you can play
  • all you can play
  • 10 tokens
  • all you can play
  • all you can play
  • 5 large 1 topping pizzas
  • bottomless soda
  • 2.5 hours
  • entire facility
  • $100 / 5 players
  • included
  • Private event just for YOU! Available Sunday evenings. Mondays, Tuesdays and other closed hours.

Endless with Dodgeball

  • 11 players
  • 3 lasertag
  • 30 minutes
  • 16 tokens
  • 1 lazer frenzy
  • 1 bowling
  • 2 large one topping
  • bottomless soda
  • 3 hours
  • private room
  • $25 / $26
  • included
  • $299 without dodgeball &
    add 1 lasertag

Epic with Dodgeball

  • 11 players
  • 2 lasertag
  • 30 minutes
  • 12 tokens
  • 1 lazer frenzy
  • -
  • 2 large one topping
  • bottomless soda
  • 2.5 hours
  • semi-private room
  • $20 / $21
  • included
  • $249 without dodgeball &
    add 1 lasertag

All You Can Play with Dodgeball

  • 8 players
  • all you can play
  • all you can play
  • 8 tokens
  • 2 lazer frenzy
  • OR 1 bowling
  • all you can eat one topping pizzas
  • bottomless soda
  • 4 hours
  • party room
  • $30 / $29
  • included
  • Available
    Wed - Fri
    Sat 7-11pm

    Glow Party Fri or Sat 7-11pm

    Non playing guests will be charged $6.50 for pizza and soda.


  • 9 players
  • 3 lasertag
  • -
  • 8 tokens
  • 1 lazer frenzy
  • -
  • -
  • bottomless soda
  • 1.5 hours
  • no party room
  • $18
  • -

Talk to a Birthday Party Specialist

We'd love to discuss your interest, provide information about our Birthday Party options and answer any questions you might have.  Complete this form and someone will contact you shortly.

How do I schedule my event?

You can either call us during our normally open hours or use our online reservation process to book your event. If you call during closed hours and nobody is around to take your call, leave a message with contact information and we'll call you back ASAP - usually within 24 hours. Our friendly staff will help make suggestions and answer questions to ensure that your birthday party is EPIC!

The following is a short list of key things to remember when booking your party:

  • You may schedule your birthday party online by clicking the here.
  • You may call to schedule your epic birthday if you'd like to talk to someone over the phone. We'd love to speak with you to help you plan an schedule your event.
  • A non-refundable 25% deposit is required to reserve your birthday party time.
  • Minimum number of guests is 9 for a Bronze Party and 11 for all other parties.
  • You may reschedule your party with 1 week advance notice.

What is a standard schedule of activities?

This schedule shows the standard schedules for each party.

Can I bring in food and beverages?

If you are hosting an Endless or Epic Birthday party you may bring in a cake or other dessert item. Otherwise we do not allow any outside food or beverages.

Do the party guests need to sign a waiver?

Waivers are required for trampolines only. No exceptions. Waivers must be completed by parent or legal guardian for those under 18 years of age. We highly encourage our guests to complete your waiver in advance to make your party run as smoothly as possible. Please be aware that a driver's license number is required so that we can verify the identity of the signer.

Do we need Lasertag Adventure grippy socks for the trampoline dodgeball?

We require grippy socks for two main reasons:

  • Safety - so you don't slip while jumping.
  • Sanitary - who wants someone elses foot funk?

We accept any grippy socks that provide traction and fit the wearer. Our Lasertag Adventure grippy socks are $2 if you don't already have some.

Someone in our party has food allergies - can we substitute other foods?

Zappi's pizza does not have any peanuts or tree nuts as ingredients. We also have gluten free crusts, however we do cook normal pizzas with flour containing gluten so we cannot say that our pizzas are gluten free. We have an information sheet that shows menu items and common allergy concerns. If you still have additional questions, please contact our staff and we would be happy to answer questions or work with you to ensure you will have some safe options.

What time should I arrive to my party?

We prefer parties to show up about 15 minutes before your start time if you have trampoline dodgeball included in your party so that we can review the status of your guests' waivers. We will be able to take you to your room at the scheduled party start time and not sooner. There is dedicated time in between the parties for cleaning. We use all of this time to make sure that your room and table are clean to give you the best party experience possible.

What supplies do I need to bring for my party?

Lasertag Adventure provides all that you will need for your party. We provide cups, napkins, utensils, cake supplies (knives, servers, candles, and matches), plates and placemats. You are free to bring your own supplies if you like. Please keep in mind that you should not plan on having more than a few minutes to setup any brought in decorations as your room will not be ready until the scheduled start time. Please do not bring any decorations that would require more than a few minutes to setup and tear down - this must happen during your scheduled time.

Do you have a place to store our cake?

Yes, we have a refrigerator and freezer where we can place your dessert items - subject to space constraints - but usually plenty of space .

Do you have gift bags?

We do not provide party favors or goodie bags but each child will receive a bag that holds their arcade tokens and has an attached coupon for a return visit. Most parties will use the tokens and prizes from game tickets as their gift bag.

I have a younger child. What time would be preferable for him/her to have a safe, quiet party?

If you are looking for a party on the weekend, the earlier parties are when we typically see younger children. We have a slower rate of walk-ins as well so each lasertag game isn’t as full. As the day progresses, we typically see older kids, teens and adults. Your other option is to have your party on a weekday. It is typically slower and much quieter.

Is it just our party playing lasertag in our scheduled games?

The games of lasertag are run every 15 minutes and are open to any and all that come in. Potentially you might have to share the space with other guests. However the more people playing lasertag, typically the more fun it is! We instruct our guides to divide teams evenly so that we do not have 12 year olds playing against 6 year olds. If both age groups are in a game we will divide the teams so that half the 12 year olds and 6 year olds are playing together.

Can I watch my children play lasertag and trampoline dodgeball?

Absolutely! Join us in our second floor observation deck and see what your party is up to!

Am I able to reschedule or cancel my party?

Yes. If you need to reschedule and it is at least a week out, your deposit will transfer over. If you'd like to cancel we require 1 week advance notice. The deposit would then stay on your account. Any cancellations within a week result in your deposit being forfeited.

How many pizzas should I order for my party?

As a general rule, we would recommend 2 slices per eating guest. Some will eat more and some will eat less. Each pizza has 10 slices. If your party includes food, 2 Large Pizzas are included.We recommend ordering additional pizzas when you have more than 10 people eating.

Is my party coach dedicated to my party alone?

We have built our party schedule to allow a party coach to serve two parties at the same time. However, only our most experienced party coaches are allowed to serve multiple parties.

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