Youth Sports and Team Events

Great teams deserve some EPIC FUN!

Get to know your team mates or celebrate at the end of the season, Lasertag Adventure can help you build stronger teams.

FREE Team Play

Bring your team in for some weeknight fun. Buy One Get One admissions for your team when you are wearing your team swag with at least 6 players. 

Team Party

Great for end of season celebrations or any other time you want to get the whole team together for some fun.  This 2.5 hour event includes 3 games of lasertag, Zappi’s Pizza and bottomless sodas for just $20 per player and $6.50 for non-playing attendees.  Let us know if you need a TV for a team presentation and we can schedule you in a room to support your season highlights.(10 player minimum) 

This party includes 45 minutes for “team time” so that you can make team presentations or have the coach give an EPIC pep talk.  This party does NOT include tokens, but they can be added.  If you would like to include trampoline dodgeball or other activities, we encourage you to view our traditional party packages which offer additional features at great prices.

  • $6.50 per non-players (pizza and soda)
  • 3 games of lasertag
  • 1 x 14″ Pizza for every 4 attendees
  • Bottomless Sodas
  • Party Room
  • Party Coach

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