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What's a Master Blaster Membership? 

Your Master Blaster Membership opens up a whole new world of lasertag gaming. You will be rewarded with achievements that appear on the scoreboard, at our new member kiosks, online at iPlayLaserforce.com and to your Facebook page if you choose.  In addition, you receive base membership items, discounted play, and loyalty rewards.

Enhanced Lasertag Gaming Experience

  • Select your lasertag Player Name
  • Accomplish objectives and earn achievements while playing lasertag
  • View your gaming details and statistics online at iPlayLaserforce.com
  • Post your achievements to your Facebook page to show everyone how awesome you are.  (optional)
  • Gain access to member-only privileges (special mission nights, bring a friend night, etc....)

Package Items Included

  • One 5 Game Pack Included - may be used on date of purchase or any date in the next year

Member Discounts (valid for 1 year)

  • 10% Off any standard package or standard weekly specials
  • 10% Off Zappi's homemade pizza
  • 10% Off all other concessions

Loyalty Rewards (valid for 1 year)

  • Earn 100 Zap Points for every dollar spent
  • Purchase items with your Zap Points
  • 500 Zap Points translates into a dollar of spending power
  • Think of it as a 20% Bonus for having fun at Lasertag Adventure

Lasertag Objectives and Achievements

As you play games of lasertag and complete objectives, you will be awarded "achievements".  These achievements can be seen at the Member Kiosks in the lobby, on the iPlayLaserforce.com website and if you choose, posted to your Facebook page for all your friends to see - even the ones you blasted into oblivion on your way to success.   The more you play, the more achievements you earn.

Level 1 Achievements

Black Friday Play a game on Friday the 13th
Payback Time Use Payback in a regular game
Quick Shot Deactivate an opponent in the first 2 seconds of a game
Share the Glory Link your membership to Facebook
You'll Be Back Return and play a game on another day
Buzzer Beater Deactivate an opponent in the last 2 seconds of a game
Missile Away Missile an opponent in a regular game
Fallout Detonate a nuke in a regular game
Leap To It Play a game on Leap Day (Feb. 29th)
Trick Or Treat Play a game across Midnight on Halloween
Infiltrator Destroy all targets in a single game
Beginner Play a total of 5 games
Final Countdown Play a game across New Years

Level 2 Achievements

Gunner   Achieve rank 2 Gunner
There Can Only Be One   Win a game of Highlander  (>7 Players)
 Laser Rookie  Score 6,000 points in a regular game
 Officer Academy  Play 5 games as Commander in SM5
 One Hundred Big Ones     Accumulate 100,000 lifetime points
 Captain     Achieve rank 4 Captain
 Trigger Happy  Earn Rapid Fire 6 times in a regular game
 Apprentice   Play a total of 25 games
 Sniper Exercise  Play 5 games as scout in SM5
 Quarter Pounder  Accumulate 250,000 lifetime points
 Final Showdown  Be one of the last 2 survivors in Highlander (>7 Players)
 Novice  Play a total of 15 games
 Heavy Conditioning  Play 5 games as Heavy in SM5
Terminator Deactivate every player on the enemy team in a single game(>10 enemies)
King of the Hill Score the Highest in a regular game (>25 Players)
Target Practice Achieve at least 30% accuracy in a single game (>50 shots)  
Immortal Play 10 games of Highlander 
I'm The Juggernaut Earn Invincibility 3 times in a regular match
Hot Shot Achieve at least a 50% accuracy in a regular game (>50 shots)
déjà vu Play a game on 5 different days

Level 3 Achievements

Comeback King
Use Payback 3 times in a single game
 Locked On  Missile 5 Opponents in a regular game
 Team Doctor  As Medic, your full team must survive a game of SM5
 Laser Dualist  Score 12,000 Points in  a regular game
 Medical School  Play 5 games as Medic in SM5
 One Man Army  Score double the points of the 2nd player on your team (>6000 points)
 Underdog  Top-score your team when playing as Scout in SM5 (You must survive)
Preemptive Strike  Detonate a Nuke in the first minute of a game
 Glutton for Punishment   Play a game on 20 different days
 Head Hunter  Eliminate 5 or more players in one game of Highlander
 Marksman  Achieve at least 80% accuracy in a regular game (>50 shots)
 Gumby Shooter  Score 20,000 points in a regular game
 Maximus  Survive and win a game of Gladiator as a Level 6 (>10 Players)
Trooper Achieve rank 3 Trooper
Heat Seeker Land 5 Missiles as Commander in one game of SM5
Can't Touch This Get zapped less than 20 times in a regular game
Ordinance Training  Play 5 games as Ammo in SM5
Journeyman Play a total of 50 games
Sir Tag-a-Lot Score 16,000 points in a regular game
Master Play a total of 100 games

Level 4 Achievements

Skin Of Your Teeth  Survive a game of SM5 with one life and no surviving teammates 
 Shadow Master  Win an idividual game of Shadows without firing a shot
 Survivalist  End a game of SM5 as Medic with at least 15 lives
 Hoarder  Reach the Maximum of 99 special points in one game
 Starlord  Achieve Rank 5 Starlord
 Royale with Cheese  Accumulate 500,000 lifetime points
 Dead Aim  Achieve at least a 90% accuracy in a regular game (>50 shots)
 Shadow Strike  Score 10,000 points in shadows without firing a shot
 Gone Nuclear  Detonate 3 Nukes in a single game
 Expert  Play a total of 250 games
 Ironman  Play 12 games in one day
 Millionaire Club Accumulate 1,000,0000 lifetime points

Level 5 Achievements

Perfection  Achieve 100% accuracy in a single game (>50 shots) 
 Dedicated  Accumulate 5,000,000 lifetime points



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