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Mayan Ruin Excavation Log, Day 1

We ventured into a newly discovered area of the lost ruins for the first time today. It’s believed that we are the first humans to set foot here for thousands of years. Everything went well, but a curious thing happened. One of my crew members, Talia, was excavating near the center of the ruin and found a strange greenish pod that almost looked like it was glowing. It’s like nothing any of us have ever seen. I told everyone to keep clear of it for now, since we’re not sure what it is. We’ll look into it more tomorrow.

- Dr. Jordan Taylor




Excavation Log, Day 2

Sent word of the pod to the Board of Directors back in the States. We don’t have cell reception down here, so we had to wire a message, like a telegram. Might be a day or so until we get a response. An intriguing update on Talia: she didn’t think she had touched the pod, but she’s developed a greenish rash on her hand where she must have made contact with it.

- Dr. Jordan Taylor

Excavation Log, Day 3

Received comm from director; it reads: “DO NOT CONTACT. ALIEN LIFE FORM. MAY BE DANGEROUS. SPECIAL TASK FORCE EN ROUTE TO YOUR LOCATION.” Word about the message somehow got out to the rest of the camp, and everyone’s in a bit of panic. Doesn’t help that the green rash on Talia has spread to her entire arm and only seems to be getting worse.

- Dr. Jordan Taylor




Excavation Log, Day 4

I had told everyone to stay put, but a group of 4 snuck out to the ruins last night, with Talia leading it. Not sure what her intentions were, but it seems like she was out for some sort of revenge on the aliens. When the others returned in the early morning, Talia wasn’t with them. They refuse to talk about what happened, which has led me to fear we may have seen the last of Talia.

- Dr. Jordan Taylor




Excavation Log, Day 5

The 3 others that snuck out with Talia are looking worse for wear. The aliens must somehow infect humans, perhaps through direct contact, because their hands are green-tinged, like Talia’s was.  It’s coming on a lot faster than hers did, though. By the end of the day, their skin was green, blistering, and bubbling everywhere. The task force is not here yet and tension is rising.

- Dr. Jordan Taylor




Excavation Log, Day 6

We’ve been waiting for help for 3 days and if I don’t do something, a riot is going to break out. The infected are getting weaker by the minute, and a few of the people who’ve been trying to treat them are showing some early symptoms of the infection as well. The whole camp is terrified. Are these aliens going to infect everyone? Tomorrow, I’m going to lead a group to the ruins to try to show the camp we’re not afraid and boost morale. I’ll bring the infected too, since they can’t get infected again, right?

- Dr. Jordan Taylor




Excavation Log, Day 7

To say a lot happened today would be an understatement. When we got to the ruins, we saw many more pods than before. I don’t know where they came from and I don’t want to. The already infected went glassy-eyed almost immediately, and started walking slowly toward the pods. We couldn’t stop them before they touched the pods. They burst on contact, engulfing anyone nearby. A few others were hit by the blast and immediately dropped to the ground in pain, their skin already beginning to blister. But suddenly, we heard a low rumble as choppers flew in with the task force rappelling down! They shot lasers at the aliens that seemed to vaporize them and cleared the area before the rest of us were infected. The Laserforce, as they told us they’re called, saved our lives today.

- Dr. Jordan Taylor




Excavation Log, Day 8

The Laserforce showed us their equipment today. They wear these super cool futuristic battlesuits that fire alien-vaporizing lasers! They’re fighting hard, but even some of their elite members have gone down and the alien pods are still spreading. They’ve expanded to encompass the entire mile-wide area around the ruins! They told us that they’ll need all the help they can get. They even said they’d be training us on using their equipment to assist them in eradicating the aliens. We still need help though! Is anyone else out there who can help save the planet?

- Dr. Jordan Taylor




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