NEW Open Hours Fundraiser


  • Take home 15% - 20% for your non-profit group
  • Fun and Food: Multi-Level Lasertag, Trampoline Dodgeball, Arcade, Zappi's Pizza and More!
  • Special pricing for your group!
  • Our skilled event planners will help you plan and promote your event. (marketing materials, Facebook posts, ...)


  1. Pick a date - choose a date during our open hours to hold your fundraiser. Anyone who mentions they are a part of your fundraiser will be tallied down for their purchases.
  2. Book it - give us a call and ask to set up an open-hours fundraiser. 
  3. Promote it - take advantage of our support in spreading the word and advertising your fundraising night!
  4. Raise money - Look forward to 15% of ALL net sales you bring us! Raise $1000+, get 20%! 

Exclusive Fundraiser Event

Your group rents our facility for an exclusive fundraising event. This is an opportunity for you to bring your supporters together to share a fun experience, building relationships and promoting your group’s mission. We will provide tickets for your group, or if you prefer you can choose another workable method to grant access to the exclusive event. Pricing for exclusive events is based on length of time in the facility, number of attractions you wish to include and the number of participants. This type of event is available during normally closed hours. We can close during normally open hours, but rates are higher. This event is great for larger groups of 60 or more people.

#Tickets 40 80 120 160
Event Duration 2 Hours 2 Hours 3 Hours 4 Hours
Cost $600 $700 $900 $1100
Earning Potential $200 $900 $1500 $2100


Talk to us about your next EPIC FUNDRAISER

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